Click here to sign up for your household's Lenten Box! Each box will include a board game, a fridge map, a devotional, and a few more surprises. If you'd rather not receive the whole box but are interested in downloading a few pieces for your own use or to share with others, keep scrolling!

Holy Week Walk

Here's a fun way to get outside and pay attention to the details of Holy Week in nature! A special thanks to Kerri Clark of @kerri_letters for her work on this handout!

Click here to view or download and print.

A Map for your Journey

Download this map to help guide you through the season of Lent! The path is lined with ways to give, pray, and fast as you renew your commitment to following the way of the cross. (This map will be included in the MLP Lenten Boxes!)

 Click here to to view or download and print.

Confirmation: Worship Notes

Worship Notes form for our Ash Wednesday services! You can fill this out on your tablet or computer or you can print it out and get it back to the pastors.

Click here to access it online!

Lenten Devotional

This year's Lenten Devotional acts as a companion to the Lenten Map. Each day has a scripture passage and reflection questions to help you engage with your faith throughout the season of Lent. (This resource will be included in the MLP Lenten Boxes!)

Click here to view or download the Lenten Devotional.

Lenten Grass

Use these labels on envelopes of wheat grass seeds! These labels print easily on full sheet sticker paper and can be trimmed with a paper cutter or scissors. You may bag up 2 Tbsp of gravels and a cup of soil or encourage folks to do it themselves depending upon the resources available to you.

Click here to download the labels.

Lenten Box & A Word on Fasting

Looking to make a Lenten Box using some of these resources? Looking for a way to talk about the practice of fasting that gives space for health and concerns around eating disorders?

Click here to view or download this resource.

Holy Week Handouts

This is the first part of a series of handouts and activities that will be made available for Holy Week. There will be a separate Holy Week kit made available for families in the Mountain Lutheran Parish at the end of March!

 Click here to to view or download and print.

Forgiven: A Lenten Game

Thanks to a group of hardworking Lutheran Youth Ministers and then the creative genius of our interns, we have our own Lenten Board Game! (This game will be included in our MLP Lenten Boxes!)

This link will take you to download the edited board, the cards, and directions for both multi-player and single player use. 

To download the original game and directions as created by Janette Reeves, Meg Sander, Deanna Kim Bassett, Karen Williams, MaryKaye Ashley, Jess Felici, and Heather Roth Johnson. Logo, design and layout by Karen Walhof.
click here!

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